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By Anonymous - Posted on 18 October 2009

We were told about two donkeys which had been sent in for slaughter by a kind worker at the slaughter house as they were nasty. We set off to fetch them and give them a loving home on the  4th July 1994, these two donkeys were Buster and Orphaned Annie (now fat Annie).
Buster was still a stallion and had obviously never been wormed, handled or had his hooves trimmed so we were in for a rough ride!.He did not mix and wanted to kill any other animal he could get near but settled on Tracy who had just rescued him grabbing her arm and dragging her to the ground, biting and kicking her in anger. She still has the scars but he did not know any better, it wasn't his fault. He was gelded 11th July 1994 and handled daily from then. He is settled and not aggressive any more but still doesn't like fuss. Buster is the Houdini of the Sanctuary and can escape from anywhere, our newsletters every year include his little adventures.