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Dolly Day Dream

By Anonymous - Posted on 18 October 2009

In 1995 a horse box pulled up at the sanctuary, unloaded a donkey, here can you do something with this and drove off. A poor elderly female donkey was left standing there, so thin and unhappy, not knowing what was going on, we called her Josephine. We made her a nice warm stable with plenty of food for the night until the vet could come the next morning and check her out. The vet arrived and his first comment was "If I had a vase as old as that donkey I would be rich" He then examined her, injected her for tetanus and flu, took blood samples, filed her teeth, wormed her and we set about a feeding programme to build her up. The feed programme worked and she bloomed and bloomed and bloomed until one day we noticed she had udders. Oh dear! vet back again yes she was definately imminently pregnant but very old would she cope. YES she did and gave birth to Dolly Daydream in June 1996. She was a fantastic mother and lived to a very ripe old age but Josephine died in 2008. She had a very happy life with us and never saw cruelty again.
Dolly Daydream is obviously a very spoilt girl as she has never known anything but kindness, that is what all donkey's deserve.