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By Anonymous - Posted on 18 October 2009

Jeanie was brought to the Sanctuary in 1996 by a horse dealer who felt so sorry for her after she was taken to market and left. She was in a pitiful state and so nervous, emaciated, full of worms and a coat crawling in lice and too scared to eat. This was really touch and go for a few weeks to see if we could get her strong enough to survive. Her inability to eat was worring and in the end she was put on a drip to get nutrients into her body. We had to clip all her hair off and start a programme of lice control, she had been infested for so long she was aneamic and hadn't got the will to live which was so sad as she was only 15 years old and should of been in her prime. Volunteers slept with her through out the night, the vet came daily and slowly we got her eating and made her stronger, she was also responding to love and fuss, something she had never known. After 4 weeks she was well enough to have her disfigured hooves trimmed by our farrier. " I have never seen hooves this bad" was his comment and he had to attend her weekly for 8 weeks to get her hooves trimmed to a normal shape and she had to get used to walking on them. In 2009 she is a darling and never puts a foot (sorry hoof) wrong.