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By Martin - Posted on 29 September 2010

Divinity (Nitty) arrived at the Sanctuary on the 21st May 2010. A rather overweight 24 year old donkey gelding. Due to the break up of a marriage he had to be re-homed, his previous owners though no fault of their own had accepted his stroppy behaviour and relented to his demand of pony nuts thinking this was normal for a donkey. Nitty is now learning to behave like a proper donkey (a bit like Donkey Borstal!!!!) His first visit for the Equine dentist he found a little traumatic but as she had so much to do she returned again a month later to finish his first course of treatment. With daily handling and living in an enviroment with other donkeys which he was not used to his behavour and attitide has altered dramtically, he now seems a contented and happy donkey.