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Yo Yo

By Anonymous - Posted on 18 October 2009

YoYo came to the sanctuary as a 2 year old donkey in 2004 we were assured he had beed gelded, but his field had flooded and he was left stranded on an island so we had no option but fetch him. He arrived at the sanctuary not gelded but a stallion and all hell broke loose he was determined to kill any male donkey and any human who stood in his way, what a night mare we had with him. His previous owners after a phone call from us did some fund raising to help pay for his little operation, the sooner the better. We could not contain him, he would climb over the stable doors, in the end we had to make alterations as if we were keeping a tiger in. His operation did not go well as the vets we got in do do it made a huge blunder by not tying off the main artery. After a sleepless night and a huge blood loss from YoYo the vets referred us to another practice and agreed to pay the costs we had to try and save his life, he was bleeding to death.  He was taken to Rase Vets in Market Rasen and they fought to save him, it was nearly a fortnight before he came back. It was our turn to reabilitate him and get him to mix with the other donkeys and not attack us, I think we all have an odd scar or two the bruises faded but after about 6 months he started to change. He is happy and contented in his group of 11 donkeys and he is 2nd in command, Charlie is still the boss and YoYo won't challenge him, but he won't tolerate any newcomers unless they are ladies. He is very playful and loves to do tug of war with Boris and Persil.